Writing a Tacit Knowledge Book

One reason for developing this blog is to help me with the task of writing and editing a book explaining the structure of tacit knowledge as laid out by Michael Polanyi in his theory by the same name. I am editing a first rough draft and keep finding new material and ideas to add into the book. I will be testing these out in some of the post categories. Current plans are to publish the book using Amazons “CreateSpace” self publishing arm. This is all a new and somewhat bewildering experience.

A key problem I have is that no audience exists for the book. Nobody knows to be interested and the absence of Polanyi’s thought within the field of education leads to a sense of “who cares” and “why bother”. I have just hit upon an idea to apply the tacit theory of knowledge to current controversies in education for which there are many. Critics slam educators for many reasons including a concern that teachers are not content oriented enough. Educational theory offered in colleges of education appear to stress social, “feel good”, theoretical ideas above the necessary and hard content that makes up “real” learning. Professional educators slam back at the critics for promoting old “drill and kill” tactics certain to deluge reluctant students with unpleasant stultifying, fact-based, cramming. Polanyi offers a common ground for these disparate views. Understanding the tacit theory of knowledge can lead to an engagement between intellectual foes. We might find a way for both sides to come together. My first rough draft now needs significant rewriting. The adventure continues on a new path.