Musical Prodigy Pulls Melodies from her Intuitive Unconscious

Alma Deutscher is making waves in the world of classical music. The eleven year old girl recently premiered an Opera in Vienna and has a violin concerto to her name along with many other compositions. She explained to an interviewer that musical ideas come to her when prancing around in the backyard twirling a jump rope. As I discuss in my book, this is a characteristic of the conscious mind being distracted so that the unconscious is free to invent ideas (create melodies) using her tacit mind. Melodies pop into consciousness in “Aha” moments that occur at unbelievable speed. The astounding ability of this child (the word seems inappropriate considering her talent) is being compared to Mozart who was composing at about the same age. One might be suspicious that doting parents could be hyping her accomplishments but all anyone need do is sample her work to realize she is very advanced for her age in musical intelligence and is an inspiration for all. Check out her UTUBE channel.